Billy Zane

Billy Zane is an American actor, director and producer. Born as William George Zane on February 24, 1966, in Chicago, Illinois, he developed an interest in acting from an early age on.

In 1982 Zane attended the American School in Switzerland and later graduated from Francis Parker High School in Chicago. At the same time, he attended Harand Camp of the Theater Arts in Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin. Soon after graduating from high school, Zane decided to make acting his profession and went to California. It took him only 3 weeks to win his very first screen role in „Back to the Future“ [1985]. After a small part in another science fiction movie, „Critters“ [1986], Zane landed his first starring roles in several television movies.

In the 1990s Zane made appearances in David Lynch´s mystery series „Twin Peaks“ and gained worldwide recognition with the blockbuster „Titanic“ [1997].

Billy Zane remains a busy actor and a singer. Occasionally he can be seen in Broadway shows.
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