Karel Roden

Karel Roden was born on May 18, 1962 in Czechoslovakia. Both his father and his grandfather were actors. Roden graduated from the Prague Dramatic Academy of Fine Arts and made his acting debut in 1984. Many theater and movie parts in the Czech Republic followed before his talent was spotted by international directors.

Although often playing East-European villains, Roden´s work actually covers a much wider range. In 2007 he showed his comic talent alongside Rowan Atkinson in the hit comedy „Mr. Bean´s Vacation“. His dramatic skills can be witnessed in the period drama „Bathory“ [2008].

In Hollywood, Roden enjoyed enormous success with appearances in big budget action films like „Blade 2“ [2002], „Bulletproof Monk“ [2003], „The Bourne Supremacy“ and „Hellboy“ [both 2004].

On the small screen, Roden made appearances in the US series „The Philantropist“ and the UK series „MI-5“. He also voiced a character from the blockbuster video game „GTA 4“.

In between his film work, Karel Roden lives in Prague with his fiancee, the actress and artist Jana Krausová.
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